Leviathan 2-disc and Limited 3-discs Edition sets are READY TO GO!!!

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Over at Leviathan: The Story of Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II Facebook page they’ve announced that the 2-disc and Limited 3-disc special editions will go up for pre-order on April 6th!!! The final cover art has also been revealed and I’m really digging the regular release’s cover of the bloody mattresswith Julia ripping out of it on the back. This is going to be a great release so make sure to mark your calendars for this one.

Pre-Orders will only be taken at the official site: www.Leviathan-Hellraiser.co.uk 


Apparently, a special 4-sided ‘Channard Notebook’ with linear notes by Phil and Sarah Stokes will be included in the 3-disc Limited Edition. This is a must have now.



Also, Producer Gary Smart has left a very passionate message about the making of the documentary. He even thanks our podcast creators Ryan and Jose.

What started off as a quick chat and ‘what if’ after a small screening of ‘Hellraiser’ and ‘Hellbound’ in the back streets of Birmingham UK now comes Leviathan in all it’s 3-disc glory.

Leviathan has never been about making a quick buck, it can’t be…the team has spent 18 months making this project a reality. It’s been a pleasure to see my dream come true and working with such a talented, dedicated and committed team, Kevin, Nick, Antony, Adam and Chris – all of whom gave up their weekends and evenings freely to sit in hotel conference rooms weekend after weekend listening to anecdote after anecdote about the making of two of my favourite films and what I believe to be perfect examples of British filmmaking at it’s best.

We travelled to London, Northampton, LA and Scotland. We had teams working for us in LA, Canada, New York and North Carolina. We visited Clive Barker’s house and were treated like royalty by his partner Johnny. We were invited as VIPs to Clive’s exhibition and had a chance to catch up with Mark VP of Clive’s company Seraphim.

We had an amazing Kickstarter campaign with fans supporting us from day one and ensuring we went way over our target – thanks to Danny and the other KS producers.

We’ve met some amazing people – all of whom were integral to making these two films the classics that they are.. Too many people to name… But having a coffee in Tony Randel’s home and having a gossip with Peter Atkins to having a sleep over at Imogen Boorman’s coach house – all have been memorable experiences.

Our US team, Kristy, Jack, Lito and Justin were amazing and professional and their support and hard-work added to the amazing experience we had in the US.

The support from Russell, Paul and the Stokes’ has been amazing considering they didn’t know us from Adam (lol not our Adam)…

Oliver Smith and his amazing wife Sarah who were so hospitable and let us take over their house on two occasions – thank you…

I think of everyone as friends now… Geoff and Stuart have been amazing as well as the Cenobites, the team of Image Animation, the crew, producers and cast – a shout out to Selwyn for his help on other projects… Meeting my acting hero Ken Cranham – a brilliant day!

Brian Cox – yes Brian Cox of Troy, Bourne and countless other classics thank you for getting us Andy Robinson….

I could go on an on about this project and the 100s of people we’ve come across who lent a hand, pointed us in the right direction – Fernando, Jose, Ryan, Terrence, G and everyone else – thank you

90 hours of footage down to 6 hours with 3 hours of bonus footage – I’m so proud of the team and the project and to see it finally coming out on 13th April is both a relief and honour.

Clive might not have been able to be part of Leviathan in the end, BUT this is our gift to him and his legacy, as well as everyone else who were part of the mythology…

So that’s it… It’s nearly here….

Watch this space… And in the words of Dr Philip Channard “I had to see, I had to know”

Gary Smart