Episode 90: Thomas Negovan Returns

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Hello Friends:
This Wednesday we talked to Thomas Negovan, founder of the Century Guild Museum and Art Gallery, current representatives of Clive Barker’s artwork. We talked about Fear This, the announcement of the optioning of Imajica as a one-season TV series by Josh Boone, the fantastic Clive Barker: IMAGINER Paintings & Drawings books (funded through Kickstarter), part of an ongoing process of high-resolution archival and preservation of Clive Barker’s extensive body of work and his current Kickstarter book project:  Steve Diet Goedde 25-Year Retrospective, Volume III with 25 days to go. We discuss the news first as usual, and at about 18 minutes in, we were joined by Thomas via Skype. The conversation flowed in the podcast’s typical conversational style to include some very interesting academic-level discussion of Clive’s 3 painting periods. Fascinating stuff.

People often don’t know that I paint. Recently, though, with Thomas Negovan of Century Guild having taken hold of my work in a major way, and put out the first volume of the Imaginer book, people have begun to understand what I’m doing a lot more. Thomas has become my great apologist and has really made people understand what I’m doing in a way that I never could. I’m really not that great at talking about my own art.

– Clive Barker,  “Return of the Dark Master” by techgnotic, deviantART, 31 October 2014.

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