Tuesday’s Tunes: The Main Theme to Candyman

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When you make a movie, especially a horror film, a big part of what makes it effective is the soundtrack. Films like Jaws and the original Halloween would not play the same without the backdrop of such startling scores which makes the carnage happening onscreen that much more terrifying. Philip Glass’s haunting and romantic score for the original Candyman also falls under this category.

A film score should pull you in right from the get go and Glass’s main theme for Candyman ranks as one of the best in this fan’s eyes. Just like John Carpenter’s Halloween score Glass creates a main theme using organ sounds combined with background choir, simple single notes and octaves to create a mood that allows the audience to instantly get pulled into the story. And he uses all these same techniques throughout the movie to create one of the most memorable soundtracks to this day. Sadly, they don’t make films scores like this anymore and that’s a testament to the strength of Philip Glass’s composer skills.

I highly recommend this score and owning your own copy of the soundtrack.

You can buy a copy of it on CD and Limited Edition Vinyl at Amazon.

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