Clive Barker responds to George Roth’s Letter!!!

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Over at the Clive Barker’s official Facebook page he’s written his own heart felt response to George Roth’s letter. Check it out below it’s great stuff!

Dear George,

As you have now learned, the experience of shooting NIGHTBREED knocked me sideways, but as as you so beautifully elucidated in your missive, I was not the only one. There were dozens of other people like you whose work, until very recently, remained unseen. These people, to quote the poem Mute Inglorious Milton, had ‘sunk in oblivion’s sea.’

I was able to voice my complaints. I had a platform. You, however, were one of the many artists who did not. This is criminal, because you shined as Kane, embodying perfectly what the Sons of the Free represented. Kane was a sick, fetishistic obsessive, and you dove into the role with gusto. When put back into the picture, your scenes feel right, and I’m happy that at long last your scenes and those of so many other deserving people are able to be viewed.

George, my friend, you feelings are well appreciated, and most importantly your contributions as an artist are not forgotten.

Thank you for your letter.

Clive Barker

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  1. Dave

    It’s nice to see others are getting their due respect. That little reinstated scene in the armory is one of my favorites. When Cronenberg looked at the shotgun being presented to him and deadpanned, “That’s terrific…Really fantastic…” my howls of laughter could be heard a couple blocks from my house.

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