Clive Barker – Imaginative Grotesque Arteries

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Fellow Clive Barker fan Michael Panduro has informed us here at the Podcast of some exciting news that will make our Danish fans very happy!

Here’s the following message he sent to us:


I just wanted to point your attention towards a series of Clive Barker films, that we have just announced at Cinemateket / The Cinematheque – a cinema at The Danish Film Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In February, we will be screening all of Barker’s work as director, including the Danish premiere of ‘Nightbreed – Director’s Cut’, just in time for that film’s 25th anniversary.

I don’t know how many listeners you have from Denmark, but if you would help us spread the word about the event, that would be greatly appreciated.

There’s a facebook event here:

And the official listing from the website here:

All of this is only in Danish, though.

Thanks and a happy new year to you.

Michael Panduro

So it seems the Nightbreed Director’s Cut is spreading like wild fire across the globe. So if you still haven’t had the chance to see the Director’s Cut here’s a great chance to do so. Also, I’d really expect a some kind of announcement on full fledged foreign release sometime this year. It’s only a matter of time I can feel it.