Episode 87 : Lord of Illusions Collector’s Edition

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Jose and Ryan talk about Clive Barker news from the last couple of weeks, and our review of the new Shout Factory release of Lord of Illusions.  Is it worthy?  Find out in the next hour and a half.


Clive Barker News


  • Nightbreed is now on Netflix

  • Days of the Dead Hellraiser Reunion Atlanta 2015 has a poster signed by Clive Barker

  • Seraphim has a Question

Neil Gaiman’s Tweet, interviewing about Nightbreed.

  •  Revelations Photo Journal for Century Guild digitization

  • Nichloas Vince, Chattering with Anne Bobby, Luggage in the Crypt interview

  • Christian Francis talks Boom Hellraiser with Bloody Disgusting

  • Hellraiser screening with Nicholas Vince and Robin Vidgeon

  • Supplies are limited for Clive Barker Imaginer #1

  • Rob caught a letter to Clive Barker on Clive Barker’s Facebook wall from George Roth about Nightbreed Kane from Nightbreed).

  • Feb 13-15 Shock Pop Comic Con Mark Miller and Jovanka Vuckovic will be there to represent Clive Barker’s art and the Jaqueline Ess movie project.

  • Deviant Art Men of the City contest news

  • Waxwork Records has the Nightbreed soundtrack on Vinyl


Site News

Check out our Review of Disposophobia

Rob’s Feature: Should CB direct another movie?


Clive Barker Podcast Presents Fundraiser II (Round 5) 

Round 5

Books of the Tribes (3) Soft Covers

Deluxe Edition Nightbreed – Rob Ridenour

Nightbreed T-Shirt, Fan made by Rob Ridenour

Stuff from Kip Jankowski

Followers of the Pandorics Shirt (2X)

King Rocker Shirt (2X)

Sealed PC/DVD of Clive Barker’s Jericho

Double Starter Deck for Clive Barker’s Imajica Trading Card Game

Cabal Curt Poster 1 (Christian Francis)

Cabal Cut Poster 2 (Christian Francis)


Daniel Von Bargen on Malcolm in the Middle.




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  1. Dave

    I remember they originally showed “A Gathering of Magic” on the Sci-Fi channel. I think they filmed a bunch of stuff for that and then it was edited down for broadcast. It’s amazing that the people at Shout! were able to show us another hour of the onset footage in the new feature on this release, and it’s the first thing I watched when I ripped open the Blu-ray. I agree with Jose that the best part of it was when they showed Clive directing scenes. He seemed to have a clear vision of what he wanted and he was confident.

    I was sad to hear you mention that there aren’t any more updates on Daniel Von Bargen’s condition. I’ve just started to put his Seinfeld role behind me. For years his “K-ueger!” line kept popping into my head during LOI viewings.

  2. Tracy

    Hey guys, love the show!! As always, really enjoyed this episode. I just wanted to post some info about the upcoming OST of Nightbreed from WaxWorks. I could be wrong, but I don’t believe you are required to pay the subscription price to get the Nightbreed release. I’ve been a waxworks fanboy since day one and have all their releases. The subscription service will be new for them next year, and comes with member only variants for each release. If people want just the Nightbreed, they’ll be able to just get that without getting all the others. But, they do sell out super fast, so the subscription would guarantee a copy! Just wanted to let other fans know they would be able to get the release with out the $175 subscription price. Most of WaxWorks past releases were sold for between $20-$30 price point.

    • Ryan Danhauser

      For us the Clive Barker news comes fast, and we don’t always know everything about the stories we post. If that’s true, that’s great news. Please let us know if you spot it in the future where you can buy the vinyl individually. That would be awesome.

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