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Chattering with Nicholas Vance…Special guest Simon Bamford!!!

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On November 23rd between 7:00pm-8:00pm Nicholas Vance will be having a sit down chat with his fellow co-star Simon Bamford (ButterBall, Ohnaka) on his own personal podcast called “Chattering with Nicholas Vance.”  The topic of the show sounds very interesting so I hope a lot you can make it. Here’s a direct link to Nicholas’s site for more information:

On a personal note, I recently experienced my first Nicholas Vance podcast and I had a blast.  It was a very professional and well put together show. He talked to Mark Miller and editor Andrew Furtado about how they brought Clive Barker’s version of Nightbreed to life after twenty-years. Even our very own José Leitão was involved and gave his great insight into the making of the Director’s Cut. On a sad note though, Ryan Danhauser wasn’t able to attend due to prior obligations. To bad because he would’ve made the show that much better.

Here’s a link to that episode: