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This just in!
The previously discussed upcoming documentary LEVIATHAN: The Story of Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II, has put up a  project page at Kickstarter, to complete this documentary’s production stage.  We’ve talked to writer and one of the producers Gary Smart on Episode #66, and have been  keeping  regular updates about it here, here and here.


Production started in October 2013 and so far we have completed 25 interviews with members of the cast and crew including Kenneth Cranham, Doug Bradley, Simon Bamford, Nicholas Vince, Barbie Wilde, Geoff Portass, Cliff Wallace, Mark Coulier, Little John, Andrew Robinson, Christopher Figg, Robin Vidgeon and many more…..

This project has been self funded by our dedicated team. However we need extra funding so we can get to the USA and interview the American cast and crew – this can’t happen without you – we want this project to stay independent and not rely on studio backing. This way we can explore the world of Hellraiser from both a fan and professional film makers point of view. With your help we can get to the USA and create the most extensive Hellraiser and Hellbound documentary that YOU the fans deserve!

You can contribute to the Kickstarter here. The rewards are very enticing and you’ll be helping the talented team behind this 4-hour documentary(!) to make it  a reality for all Hellraiser fans out there who would like to know more about these two historical movies. You can also find out more via their Facebook page, and Twitter @uk_leviathan.