Episode 66: “Leviathan” Documentary: A Conversation with Gary Smart

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Hello Friends:

In this episode we talk to Gary Smart, from Cult Films Screenings, one of the  co-writers and producer of the upcoming documentary “LEVIATHAN: The Story of Hellraiser and  Hellbound: Hellraiser II“. This is planned to become a 4-hour documentary and the team of LEVIATHAN has been interviewing a LOT of special guests who  worked in the two movies, between actors and crew, this will be the definitive Documentary about the two first Hellraiser movies, that can really be seen as a single movie  back to back. We discuss some sequels as well and how we feel about Hellraiser as well as our experiences watching it over the years.

Show Notes

It’s on IMDB!

Hellraiser FAQ

New Lord of Illusions Announcement from Shout! Factory

New Short Story Collection, “Other People’s Darkness” by Nicholas Vince

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