Clive Barker Proves that 90’s Horror Movies Aren’t That Bad

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Via Clive Barker’s Facebook.  According to Shock Till You Drop, Lord of Illusions and Candyman are 2 of 20 movies that prove 90’s Horror Movies weren’t so bad.  I didn’t know people were making this argument.  I’ve seen most of these, and am not a big fan of the movie Scream, but that’s just me.  I’d like to add Night of the Living Dead 1990 to the list.



Clive Barker’s “The Forbidden” comes to terrifying life in this 1992 film by Bernard Rose.  The film transcends slasher status (at its core, it’s an urban legend come to life) under Rose’s precise direction, Philip Glass’ score and strong performances.


Lord of Illusions

Clive Barker’s post-Nightbreed 1995 directorial effort is a fun, bizarre supernatural mystery led by Scott Bakula’s smooth portrayal of Harry D’Amour.  Sure, it’s a bit clunky, but Bakula, the cult-driven plot and the film’s backdrop set in the Los Angeles magic scene all work.