Episode 62 : 2013 In Review

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We’re finally back after a holiday and New Years hiatus.  Did you miss us?  This time around Jose and Ryan were joined by guest-host Stephanie Iribarren.  We talked about all the releases, and especially the announcements made in 2013, and the promise of things to come in 2014.

Show Notes

Clive Barker News
Books of Blood V4, V5, V6 Unabridged on Audible 12/19/13
Clive Barker Announced as Noise Festival movie curator
January Cover of Fangoria, Nightbreed.

2013 in Review
          Hellbound Heart Abridged edition read by Clive Barker now on Audible.
          Books of Blood Volume 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 on Audible
          Thief of Always on Audible
1)  Fiddleblack Annotated Cabal Book is already available to buy!  $40.00 Hardcover.

Clive Barker and Robert McCammon win Horror Writers Association lifetime achievement award.
Clive Confirms on Facebook Oliver Parker will direct Thief of Always Live Action Film.
Clive Announces David Barron’s involvement in Abarat movies.
New Machine Studios is a Canadian animation company that is optioning “The Adventures of Mr. Maximillian Bacchus and His Travelling Circus,” and buying the script, which has been adapted from my book by Mr. Mark Miller of Seraphim Studios. He’s done a wonderful job.
 Tortured Souls Book Announcement
“Hello friends! We have some exciting news! Subterranean Press will be publishing the novella for Tortured Souls, soon after the publication of Chiliad: A Meditation. As an added bonus, it will be fully illustrated as well.”
1)  New Art Representation: Century Guild
Midian Unmade
Nightbreed Shout! Factory Announcement / Cabal Cut Memories
Clive wants to film Weaveworld Mini-Series in Liverpool
Turn Down The Lights : “Dollie”previously unpublished. Cemetery Dance.
Criss Angel did a Clive Barker-inspired trick, “Death premonition”
Midnight Meat Train: Dark Regions Press

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Good Things

  • Scarlet Gospels release date and publisher announced
  • Shout! Factory Cabal Cut Announced for Summer (Now Fall) 2014
  • Lots of Collector's Editions announced, 1 Released

Bad Things

  • Not many new releases in 2013
  • No good movies since Midnight Meat Train

The Breakdown