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NOISE reveals Clive as Film Curator

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Hello Friends:
Straight from  their website, here’s the post from NOISE about having Clive Barker as a Film Curator for their event:

Dubbed “the future of horror” by Stephen King, Liverpool-born Clive Barker started out as a horror writer in the eighties. He worked for years, trying to break through into playwriting in London before writing the screenplays for “Underworld” (1985) and “Rawhead Rex” (1986). He decided that  his work would be best  on the big screen, so Clive moved on to directing. His most prominent films are “Hellraiser” (1987) and “Candyman” (1992), which were based on  his own short stories from the “Books of Blood”series.
Clive was also an Executive Producer for the Oscar-winning “Gods and Monsters”, starring Sir Ian McKellen. In 2005, Clive created Midnight Picture Show, a production company along withJorge Saralegui (Queen of the Damned). He’s continued to write for his “Books of Abarat”series, as well as bringing out first-person shooter video games, including the most recent,“Jericho” released onto the XBOX 360, Playstation 3 and PC.his own short stories from the “Books of Blood”series.


Now their announcement has some  inaccuracies about Clive Barker’s career, for example “Candyman” was directed by Bernard Rose, and Hellraiser was never an adaptation of a story from the  Books of Blood; also the name of the series he’s currently working on is just “Abarat” and not “Books of Abarat”, but I’m sure they will correct this  in the future.   -JL

via Noise