Episode 61 : Mark Miller, Seraphim inc.

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In this, our final episode of the Clive Barker Podcast for 2013 (probably) Ryan and Jose talk with Mark Miller, Vice President of Clive Barker’s Seraphim Inc.  Skype played a trick on us, in that Mark was experiencing about a 5 second delay after Jose and I would talk. We tried to cut out these pauses from the episode, but some of that awkwardness bleeds through.  We’ve been trying to get Mark on the Podcast for a while now, and when we finally do, Skype acts like a jerk.  Anyway, we talk about a lot of upcoming projects such as the  Nightbreed Extended Cut by Shout! Factory, Hellraiser Comic, Next Testament, Thief of Always Movie.  Don’t miss it!

Show Notes:

Live Painting Zoomen Bert Green 2006:
Vestamenti: Hellbound Hearts Cover

Behind the Scenes

Thief of Always on Audible
Clive’s announcement on facebook that he had a conversation with Bob Weinstein:
It turns out the first ever book I got signed by Clive Barker, I gave away here on the Podcast, since it was a paperback.  Here’s a picture from my second signing for Thief of Always, in Seattle.  At this signing, buying a book from Golden Age Collectibles in the Pike Place Market got you a place in line, and a ticket for the Clive Barker Q&A where he read the first chapter of the book.  It was amazing.
Photo Dec 14, 9 23 17 AM
Mark Miller  Twitter: @markalanmiller

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