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I Have Such Sights to Show You – The Comics of Clive Barker

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Welcome to the first of many posts dedicated to the world of Clive Barker Comics. When the guys here at the Clive Barker Podcast said they wanted more content for the website I jumped at the opportunity. Let me take a moment to introduce myself.

Hellraiser II was my first real introduction to the world of Clive Barker. This was around the time it first came out on video. I wasn’t even a big horror fan yet when I saw it. But something about that movie changed me. I was terrified and captivated all at the same time. I Immediately began a quest to see all the movies, and read all the books that had anything to do with Clive Barker.

Fast forward a few years, I was now in college. My roommate at the time was a big comic fan. One day he tells me, “you know there are Clive Barker comics, right?” I did not know this. So of course, the following Wednesday I went with him to our local comic shop. The timing of things couldn’t be better. Not only did I discover there were original Hellraiser and Nightbreed stories an adaptations such as Tapping the Vein, but it was right around this time that the Razorline launched.

Razorline First Cut #1 : Preview of the Razorline

Razorline First Cut #1 : Preview of the Razorline

For those that aren’t aware, Razorline was a special imprint that Marvel Comics launched that was devoted to “Superheroes From the Mind of Clive Barker” I loved these books! There were only four titles at the launch, but there was more on the way. That year for Halloween, I was Saint Sinner for Halloween. I was so geeked when somebody even recognized who I was supposed to be. Sadly, the Razorline didn’t last long, but it served it’s purpose. I was hooked on Comics!

Tapping The Vein #1  A series of short story adaptations

Tapping The Vein #1 A series of short story adaptations

I now had a quest: To collect every Clive Barker related comic in existence. At the same time, I was broadening my horizons and was now a huge fan of regular Super Hero comics as well. But I always had my eye out for a Barker Back issue that I didn’t have.

Fast Forward again to a few years later. I now had a Wife and Children. My priorities shifted, both financially, and time wise. I put away my Tortured Souls and Cenobite Figures, and walked away from comics. However, I still found myself occasionally looking on Ebay for my Holy Grail of Barker Comics, The Nightbreed Hellraiser crossover, Jihad. I did find them, by the way.

Jihad : The Nightbreed/Hellraiser Crossover

Jihad : The Nightbreed/Hellraiser Crossover

Years later, I got back into comics, and discovered a new hobby : Reviewing Comics! I have been reviewing Mainstream comics for almost two years now, and recently did my first ever Barker comic review with Next Testament #1.

This new opportunity with the Clive Barker Podcast is the Best of Both Worlds for me. I am going to try to do a weekly post. Reviewing the great legacy of Barker Comics. Whenever there is a new comic out that week, such as Hellraiser :The Dark Watch, or Next Testament, I will take a break from the retro reviews to cover the new stuff. Take a trip through memory lane, or discover these gems for the first time!  I look forward to not only telling you about all these great comics, but re-reading them myself!

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