Nightbreed Cabal Cut Release confirmed!

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If you’ve been following the plight of our Occupy Midian, you know that Shout Factory / Scream Factory is set to produce the Cabal Cut of Nightbreed on a DVD/Blu-Ray Combo-pack.  This announcement was made at Comic Con by Mark Miller, and simultaneously by Clive Barker on Facebook.  Details of the release are still being worked out.  We want to know how it will be done, what are the extras, and when it will be finished.

This is not being released together with the Theatrical Cut, possibly because of the distribution deal already in place for the theatrical cut with 20th Century Fox and Warner Brothers.  Maybe some day we can get them together in HD, but for now, the Tribes of the Moon embrace you!

Source: Clive Barker (Facebook), Occupy Midian, Shock Till You Drop