Episode 37 : Catherine Chevalier

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Picture curtesy of Catherine Chevalier. Thanks!

Picture curtesy of Catherine Chevalier. Thanks!


“Rachel, you have said too much already!”

Not really.  Ryan and Jose go through Clive Barker news, and the have a great talk with Catherine Chevalier of Nightbreed and Hellraiser II: Hellbound, what she’s up to now, what she thinks about Nightbreed Cabal Cut and what it was like to work with Clive Barker.  The picture above she scanned for us from her personal collection.   Hit the link for the full show notes.  

See Catherine’s Posture and Movement web site here.

Clive Barker News:

— @RealCliveBarker: The Odyssey II project book with will be published in September! Read about it here.

Abarat 3 Paperback

Hellraiser Dark Watch

Horror Etc. Podcast Hellraiser Episodes:  (I’ve now listened to the first of these.  Pretty good.  -Ryan
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  1. Sean M More

    I Look Forward To Any/All Work(s) Of Macabre God,Clive Barker! I Especially Am And Have Been Waiting Patiently All Of These Long Years For The Clive Barker”Directed” And”Written”:”Tortured Souls”-The Movie.Any Thoughts On This Subject?
    -Sean M More

    • Ryan

      We did a series on projects that didn’t happen. We talked quite a bit about Tortured Souls. That probably won’t happen now, but it was a cool idea.

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