Episode 025 : What Monsters Do with Nicholas Vince

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Jose and Ryan have a long conversation with Nicholas Vince about his new book of short stories: What Monsters Do.  We talk about what he is working on in the future, and a little about screenings of the Nightbreed Cabal Cut. (Links to buy the book on his site).

Show Notes:

American Werewolf In London:
American Werewolf in Paris :

Spanish Werewolf movie Mr. Vince couldn’t think of the name.  Game of Werewolves (2011).

Eli Roth Show about evil:

Gas Light

The Princess and the Satyr. (c) John Bolton 1990

On Devil Lude from Nightbreed Chronicles: ” He is the child of a satyr-god and a woman called Andrea Pate, who disowned him on site and became a nun.”

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  1. Antônio Érico

    Show de bola a entrevista com o Nicko, estou na espera do meu livro, comprei ele no site Amazon, deve chegar em novembro. Te desejo todo sucesso José, tu merece! Um grande abraço.


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