Episode 16: Other Movies Part 1

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In this week’s episode Ryan Danhauser and José Leitão discuss movies based on Clive Barker properties: Transmutations/Underworld, Saint Sinner and Gods and Monsters. A fun listen!

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  1. John Chatham

    Another excellent podcast guys, I loved Gods & Monsters, not so much Saint Sinner (although I think the soundtrack is amazing). Do you plan on covering Clive Barker’s A-Z of Horror the BBC show from the Nineties?

  2. Ryan

    That’s a good idea. I have the book, but being in the US, I haven’t seen the BBC series. I would love to see it. Jose may have.

  3. John Chatham

    I have the book too, it’s a great read, the show was poorly handled when it aired on BBC, you can see a lot of it on youtube. Shame there has never been a DVD.

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