Episode 15 : Video Games & Art

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Jose Leitao, Ryan Danhauser and guest Matt Harpold (who made our banner) talk about Clive Barker in Video games, and Clive Barker’s Art.

Show Notes Below: 

1)  Ocuupy Midian Report 5 by Crystal Raen

2) Gladiators Vs. Zombies

3)  Monster Mania

4)  Nightbreed the Action Game

5) Nightbreed the Interactive Movie

6) Noah’s Ak NES

7)  Demonik Trailer :

8)  Grandma’s Boy

9)  Jericho Trailer

10)  Hellbound Heart Cenobite Costume (Tortured Man)

11)  Jericho Characters in Playboy  (concept sketch)

12) Demon Putting out his Eyes statue

13) Clive Barker Imaginer

14) Visions of Heaven and Hell (My Autograph-RD)

15) Demon Putting out His Eyes

16)  My Imajica trading card poster (-RD)

17) Imajica Card Game : Pullusic (-RD)

18)  Barlowes Guide to Fantasy 

-Gek-A-Gek (Not an Oviate -RD)


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  1. Rick Rudd

    That was my favourite podcast so far! Heaps of interesting stuff. I really enjoyed hearing about Demonik. I always thought of it as Psi-Ops meets Hitman. And that 20-minute video with Clive sounds epic…

    Regarding films: animation seems, to me, the only thing able to touch Clive’s visions. I can’t imagine a live-action Abarat movie – perhaps something heavily CGI-based like Tim Burton’s Alice… I’m not sure. I was so excited about the Tortured Souls film because it was meant to be an anime. Such a shame it evaporated.

    As for games—for Abarat and maybe Imajica, too—I’d imagine something more like the Fable games. The mood in those seems pretty age-friendly, like Abarat at least.

    Richard Kirk and Wayne Barlowe were mentioned. Brilliant artists! Both remind me of Zdzislaw Beksinski. I’ve seen that alien planet documentary with Barlowe’s creatures. DEFINATELY recommend it.

    I don’t know what you guys have covered for the next episode, but, recently, Clive was mentioned in a news blog for gay rights. Coming out must have been incredibly difficult for him—just as it was hiding his identity. What was going on around that time? The tension must have been massive.

    Looking forward to the next one!

  2. Ryan

    Thanks Rick! The next episode is going to be about Movies (Underworld, Saint Sinner, Gods & Monster).

    What is the web site where that was mentioned?

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