Episode 14 : Special Guest Russell Cherrington — Nightbreed Restoration Director

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1307614785José Leitão and Ryan Danhauser talk with Russell Cherrington, Restoration Director for Nightbreed about the Cabal Cut, and the Occupy Midian movement.

The upcoming “Days of the Dead” Cabal Cut screening will be Sunday, June 10th 2012 (7:30pm in PDT) at the New Beverly Cinema, Los Angeles -with the presence of Mark Miller and Russell Cherrington.

The following Cabal Cut screening will be at “Terror in the Aisles” on Friday, July 13th, at the Portage Theater in Chicago – also with Mark Miller and Russell Cherrington.

Mad Monster Party

Russell at ‘Mad Monster Party’ with Mark Miller (Left), Craig Sheffer (Middle Right), and Anne Bobby (Right).

Here’s a small gallery of images below where you can find the upcoming screening posters and also the “Criterion Collection” fake cover that was made by José Leitão and which is mentioned in the interview:

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  1. David

    Nice interview, guys! Russell gives me hope that I’ll be able to see the Cabal cut someday.

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