Episode 13 : Books of Blood Volume 6 (Part 2)

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Hello Friends:
This is part II of the Books of Blood vol.6 review, where we discuss the short story “The Last Illusion” and the 1995 movie “Lord of Illusions”. This episode was hosted by Ryan, José and Roger. Also, Occupy Midian Report 4, by Crystal Raen.

Please note, due to technical difficulties the iTunes version of this episode will not be immediately available, but it can be found on this web site right now.

For the Show Notes,

 Show Notes:

Clive Barker’s Twitter Page

Fulci’s The Beyond

Bava’s Black Sunday

The Great and Secret Show


Lost Souls Bibliography (on Revelations web site)

Ken Davitian (On IMDB)

#corrections: The name of the character Swann was having an affair with at the beginning of the short story was Barbara Bernstein, not Schneider. Also Abigor is not Pinhead’s Cenobite girlfriend, that was Merkova. Abigor is the Female Cenobite’s sister.

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