Episode 10 : Books of Blood Volume 5 (In the Flesh)

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Hosted by José Leitão and Ryan Danhauser.  In this Episode we talk about Books of Blood Volume 5 and their adaptations.  That means Candyman!  Also, this has our very first Occupy Midian Report by Crystal Raen.

Show Notes:

1. You can find Clive Barker’s Deviant Art Page (it’s the real deal, folks!) here.

2. Candyman trailers: Candyman, Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh and Candyman: Day of the Dead

3. Crystal’s blog is Bring Back Nightbreed and the page.

4. Portuguese editions of The Damnation Game in my collection (JL)

5. David’s (Fifth Dominion forum) interesting comment:

“I had a random thought and I just want to throw the idea out there so we can have hope for the Occupy Midian movement. I read an interview with a relatively new company called Twilight Time. They buy the video rights of movies that probably wouldn’t get another release and they do special edition Blu-ray’s of them. Their titles are limited to 3000 copies and they make money, even after paying out for the rights to the studio and royalties to them. Their releases cost like 35 bucks, though. Still, you’d think Morgan Creek will be able to make money on Nightbreed even if we just show them there are a few thousand people willing to buy a special edition.”

6.  Matteo’s band.  🙂

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