Episode 9 : Nightbreed and Occupy Midian with Anne Bobby

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Jose Leitao, Ryan Danhauser, Roger Boyes and special guest Anne Bobby talk about Nightbreed and Occupy Midian.

Read Full article for Show Notes:

Show Notes:

1) When I refer to my Cabal book cover, this is it:  -> (JL)

2) Anne Bobby’s books are Love me or Leash Me, and Best Friend for Life.

3) Occupy Midian on facebook is: Occupy Midian, and the petition is here. Please sign it!

4) Clive’s recent Revelatory interview: “A Light, Hidden”.

5) The picture with Babette’s father is this one. ->

6) The playbill from Broadway’s play “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change…” with Anne Bobby






7)  Anne Bobby’s Pasta Recipe: Take a bunch of tomatoes, chop them up, put them in a bowl.  Add Olive Oil. Add fresh Basil, Salt, Pepper. Add some cubed smoked mozzarelle [sp], cube progiutto [sp].  Let it sit on the counter for an hour.  Add some pasta.  Toss it up and serve it.  I’ll fix the spelling when I get some help.

8)  Correction:  Mark Miller is getting married next week! Oops!  We still mean our congratulations.

9)  Song:  Weird Al Yankovic, “Lasagna”

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    • Ryan

      PLease don’t laugh at my spelling. I’ve not heard of those ingredients before. I’m good at spelling words I’ve seen before.

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