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Hello Friends:

For a few days now, a Facebook Group started by Roger Boyes and administered by José Leitão, Roger Boyes and Ryan Danhauser has exploded as a new Nightbreed community online and we already reached 150 members in 4 days.

Join the cause. For a restored Director's Cut of Nightbreed.

“Occupy Midian” is the movement to get an extended version of the great film “Clive Barker’s Nightbreed” released onto Blu-ray and DVD. We want to show Morgan Creek, the current owners of the film “Nightbreed”, that there is a high demand for this film to be released in an extended cut as the director and creator Clive Barker originally intended. It also aims to work in close co-operation with the creative people currently restoring the film.

The link is here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/350654938304766/

Phil and Sarah Stokes from Revelations (clivebarker.info) are keeping tabs on the group and they sent me a little ‘never before seen’ tidbit to share with everyone: the opening storyboard shot that Clive drew for Nightbreed’s opening titles. I am posting it below.

“A blazing sun sets. Credits begin.”

Stay tuned for an upcoming petition that “Occupy Midian”-Facebok will be putting up and managing. We will make sure every signature will go to the official Clive Barker resource, Revelations.

– JL

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  1. Anthony

    The cemeteries in both “Nightmare Before Christmas” and the Addams Family moevis. Though I love both these films, there’s something about having my final resting place be the backdrop for romantic meetings that makes me want to rise from the grave and yell, “GET A ROOM!”

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