Episode 7 : Mad Monster Party Part 1

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3/26/12 I went to the Mad Monster Party in Charlotte North Carolina, for the sole purpose of seeing the new Cabal Cut of Nightbreed.  This episode has interviews and everything that lead up to the main event.

Show Notes:

1)  Interview with Tony Todd

2) Interview with Craig Sheffer and Anne Bobby

–Anne Bobby coined the phrase “Occupy Midian” which has really taken off as a name for the movement to get a director’s cut for Nightbreed.  Join our Occupy Midian Facebook group!

3) Interview with Russel Charrington and Mark Miller

4) Nightbreed Crew Jacket Auction for Scares that Care

5)  Introduction to the Movie.

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  1. Craig Rees

    Loving the podcast guys,really good job on the episodes. About to chill out for the evening with a glass of red and listen to ep 7. Good stuff. Keep up the great work 🙂

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