Episode 6 : Special Guest Simon Bamford

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Jose Leitao and Ryan Danhauser talk to special guest Simon Bamford about his works with Clive Barker and his career in general.  This is a man who is so tough he doesn’t even realize when the ceiling is collapsing on him.

Simon played Butterball in Hellraiser and Hellraiser 2, he played Ohnaka in Nighbreed, and was a moving man in Book of Blood.

Simon has had a prolific career in Theater, as well as his own successful childrens’ show about healthy eating.

Look for Simon’s upcoming films, Dead of the Nite, and The 4th Reich


Jose’s microphone made that sound for about 5 minutes until he got a different one.  I just gave you a small sample.

Durning the Hellraiser 2 portion of the interview, his answer seems out of nowhere.  That’s because he was following up an an embarrassingly stupid question that I asked, and later edited out.  The gist is, we were talking about if he ever got to take his costume off during Hellraiser 2.

Get the inside scoop on Frank the dog, the Butterball costume, and of course, mysterious disappearing ducks!

Simon Bamford Official Site

Song: Translucia Baboon, The March of the Sinister Ducks


The 4th Reich official Web Site

The 4th Reich Facebook Page


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  1. Catherine

    First of all, I would like to thank Simon for his work, his acting and his splendid, living and charming movie characters, which we will always love. Thank you, Simon!
    And secondly, not willing to simply bombard Simon with questions))) , I would like to ask only one – What was the most memorable or remarkable about working at your Ohnaka character in Nightbreed, memorable for you about your work on this Nightbreed project in general?

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