Episode 5 : Books of Blood Volume 4 (The Inhuman Condition)

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Another Episode gone by, this time we discuss Books of Blood Volume 4 with Jose, Ryan, and Jonathan Kui (whom we talked to from the road).  We kept the running time down a little, so give us a listen!

Show Notes:

1)  Introductions:
Jose Leitao, Jonathan Kui , Ryan Danhauser
2)  What have you been up to?
Jose: This month’s SciFiNow Magazine with the 8 page article on the
Hellraiser movie series:

3)  Clive Barker News

Revised edition of Abarat, Beneath the Surface e-book.  

Clive says on Twitter there is new interest in Hellraiser and Nightbreed projects with his creative input.  He can’t say more than that.

Official name of Nightbreed cut at Mad Monster Party later this month, is “Nightbreed, Cabal Cut”.  Has Doug Bradley reading Lylesburg’s lines, dubbed over.  Over 3 hours, composite of VHS found footage (2 sets) and the theatrical release.
Cabal Artwork
Also, the concept art from 10 years ago for the Nightbreed deluxe pack
link to the artist’s flickr page:

Wildclaw Theater has an adaptation of BOB story, “The Life of Death” scheduled for 10/12/12 in Chicago.

5)  Comments / Questions

Rick Rudd

1)  These might’ve already been answered somewhere, but what the hell:
How come Clive Produced Hellraiser 2 instead of Directing?
What happened to the Demonik game, the Tortured Souls film, and the Visions of Clive Barker documentary?

2)  Because I couldn’t find the mention about the nakedness in his photos (his own nakedness, specifically the bold erection in one of his art pieces I posted shortly below), I’d like to know more about it :}
Link to details about Demonik:
Berlinger’s Documentary:
Raising Hell: The Visions of Clive Barker


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