Episode #1 : 2011 Year in Review

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This is a long one, but a good one.  Roger Boyes, Jose Leitao and I discussed news and everything that happened in 2011.

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Show Notes

Roger’s Clive Barker Forum

YouTube Link to the Abarat Trailer:

Jose’s Hellbound Heart Cover

US Paperback Roger and I (Ryan) had.

Song at the end, Hellraiser by Motorhead.

Contest for Next Week: What was Cal’s Father’s name in Weaveworld?  Answer in a comment, Twitter or at the forum, at

Corrections (sometimes my mouth moves faster than my brain)

1) I did read Abarate 3: Absolute Midnight before the book signing

2)  Kodiak Middle School is where they are studying the Abarat books, not Kodiak elementary school.

3)  The contest prize was accidentally edited out.  It is an uncorrected proof of Weaveworld.

4) when I said that a lot of stuff in “The Painter The Creature and the Father of Lies” was taken from “Shadows in Eden” I was actually thinking of “Volume 1: Liverpool Lives”.

I edited out some other dumb stuff I said, but if you catch any other errors, let us know and I’ll add that to the list.



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